Solid wood kitchen cabinets just like in the good old days? Yes, it is possible, and it is done here in Montreal!

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The Quebec miracle… is made of wood… It’s called Armoires En Gros… and it’s me!

As anyone who has bought furniture in the past knows, price differences for solid wood kitchen cabinets that may at first glance look similar, sometimes range from simple to triple, fivefold and at times even more. Say ‘hello” to the solid wood kitchen cabinet – at the price of melamine!

So what do you think these differences are? Are they justified? If you have not had the opportunity to discover a kitchen cabinet designed and built according to the best practices from A to Z, it is challenging to form an opinion. Armoires En Gros is a Montreal-based company that has taken up the challenge of producing ” Hardwood ” (the Tuscany collection) at a more than competitive price compared to industrial furniture with a high production capacity… A daunting challenge, which we have met with success!

To illustrate my point, I often ask people to compare an entry-level folding chair made of plastic and synthetic foam, with imitation wood and leather, for example, with a so-called noble chair, made of solid wood, upholstered, and of good quality.

From an aesthetic point of view, I can agree that the industry has performed miracles, and chemistry has succeeded in reproducing the visuals of certain materials with high precision (on the outside). Still, we must not hide this fact. Their inherent virtues are entirely different!

As for comfort, without going so far as to say that the industrial folding chair is uncomfortable. Let us acknowledge that it is likely to give you a painful back infinitely faster than its counterpart made of noble materials (That is to say, hardwood and natural fibre).

Finally, when it comes to lifespan, this is where it hurts the most. An industrial chair will no doubt last for the next 2 or 3 years, while the traditional chair will be handed down through the generations and will undoubtedly welcome your great-grandchildren, as long as it remains part of the family’s heritage.

Be aware that what applies to the chair also applies to hardwood kitchen cabinets (especially when they are Montreal-made!), so when compared to their industrial counterparts, their qualities are simply incomparable!

Unique know-how at an unbeatable price!

Once we have drawn this parallel, we could very logically let ourselves believe that the price to be paid for a hardwood kitchen cabinet from Armoires En Gros will be several times greater than that of an industrial manufacturer of household furniture. Well, you can think again.

My business is the creation of hardwood kitchen cabinets, and I have succeeded in compacting my processes to the point of reducing costs, making it possible to compete directly with the most significant and cheapest of the world’s furniture and cabinet manufacturers. It is purely a Montreal miracle!

Without economizing on the materials, I use only the best in my workshops. Nor making any concessions on the precision of the cutting of the different modules, which makes the structure incredibly robust. At Armoires En Gros, I succeed in offering state-of-the-art or classic designs, worthy of the most luxurious interiors and kitchens, but at a price that defies even that of melamine!

When quality competes with beauty and know-how makes it possible to extract the best for the customer, without ruining it, we can say that the project is successful. I am proud to tell you that this is the accomplished feat!

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