How to choose the right kitchen cabinets? All our advice!

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Buying a new kitchen or renovating your old one often represents a major investment. To make the right choices and create a new space that reflects your image, it’s essential to choose your future kitchen cabinets carefully. Here are a few tips to help you find the right kitchen cabinets for your space, interior design and lifestyle.

Tip 1: Define the available space

To create a kitchen that’s optimized and pleasant to live in, start by defining the space available for your various kitchen cabinets, base units, hood or central island. It’s essential to choose furniture that’s adapted to your space, neither too large nor too small. In this way, you can optimize your kitchen to the maximum, increase storage space and make meal preparation more efficient.

If you don’t have a lot of floor space, you can make the most of the height of your kitchen with tall units that can be installed right up to the ceiling to increase your storage space. Don’t forget to take into account the space for your various household appliances such as the oven, fridge, sink and hob. Finally, make sure you leave enough space for your worktop, so you can cook with ease.

Tip no. 2: Choose cabinets adapted to your needs

To create a functional kitchen, you need to choose kitchen cabinets that are adapted to your storage needs. Make your choice taking into account the number of dishes and food processors you own. Arrange the various cabinets according to your priorities and what you use most on a daily basis.

For example, place your pots and pans close to your hob. And don’t forget to put your everyday crockery in an easily accessible cupboard. Make sure you opt for cupboards with sliding drawers, which are more practical for everyday use. You can also add accessories to optimize the storage of all your utensils. Finally, be sure to place heavier robots on the lower levels for greater safety.

Tip 3: Create a unique kitchen

When designing or renovating your kitchen, it’s important that it blends in perfectly with your interior decor. You can opt for kitchen fronts in neutral tones such as white, grey, wood or black. You can also play up contrasts with warmer colors such as green, red or blue.

To create a made-to-measure kitchen to suit your tastes, you can choose from different types of materials:

  • solid wood or wood veneer kitchen cabinets
  • cabinetry in medium-density fiberboard
  • polymer fronts for easy maintenance
  • lacquered panel kitchen cabinet
  • high-gloss acrylic fronts

When designing your new kitchen, Armoires en Gros will work with you to define your project and your needs. Thanks to our wide selection of kitchen cabinets in Montreal, you can tailor-make your kitchen to suit your budget.


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