Custom kitchen cabinets in lacquer? Made right here in Quebec!

Kitchen Cabinets Refacing 16

Lacquered kitchen cabinets, also a specialty at Armoires En Gros.

Our company is dedicated to craftsmanship, respecting traditional methods and practices. In particular, we specialize in solid wood kitchen cabinets, with old-fashioned joints (i.e., no visible joints), all at a price that rivals other manufacturers’ laminate cabinets. And we’re from Montreal, with unique know-how!

But we’re not closed to modernity, and if so-called noble materials aren’t to your taste, we’re also capable of producing all kinds of alternative solutions that look fantastic. Our lacquered kitchen cabinets represent a truly credible alternative for those who want a kitchen with a resolutely modern look and feel.

Several colors are available to blend in with the rest of your home’s interior, and we can even adjust the gloss level of the lacquered surface! The colors are shimmering, never aggressive, and the surface is guaranteed to last a very long time. It’s hard, resistant to water and humidity, and offers easy maintenance that everyone will appreciate.

You can cook the traditional way in a rather…new-age kitchen!

Let’s face it, lacquered kitchen cabinets are aimed more at customers with a penchant for the modern. All styles are conceivable, but their shine is very designer and fits better with a contemporary environment.

For the rest, it’s up to you: Armoires En Gros has the know-how in Montreal, and we’ll create the project you want to match your kitchen.

And while your kitchen may indeed look rather modern, that doesn’t mean you can’t make the most wonderful traditional dishes, those whose age is lost in the distance. What’s important is the spirit that emerges, and the kitchen cabinet should also add its own touch, becoming part of the overall composition.

Our experience and know-how enable us to act as advisors, so it’s not unusual for customers to ask us for advice or a few pointers.

Demand the very best in lacquered kitchen cabinetry, and call on our services. In Montreal or elsewhere, we’ll be happy and proud to count you among our customers, and to match what already exists in your interior with what we can bring to it.

Finally, you should know that while lacquered kitchen cabinets are often more expensive than traditional wooden ones, this isn’t the case at Armoires En Gros, so make the right choice, but don’t stop at price – you might be missing out! Armoires En Gros, so make the right choice, but don’t stop at price – you might be missing out!

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